What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is focusing mental energy with the intention of communicating to an animal. We all get feelings and intuitions about different things in our life. Animal communication is a very direct way to connect on a deep level. The connection is telepathic. Telepathy means, “feeling another soul and spirit over a distance.”

Everything is energy, and I pick up on what your animal is thinking and feeling through energy. I receive your animal’s thoughts, sense his feelings, hear words, and see images. Sometimes the interaction involves taste. My body feels the sensations that your animal is feeling.  I did a communication with a dog and felt his throat was very tight and sore, and I almost couldn’t swallow. In fact, the person told me that the dog was ill and did have a hard time swallowing.

Horses have shown me images of what they want or don’t want to do. One horse showed me that he didn’t like to be ridden by one specific person. One cat just adored her person so much and wanted to be carried around all the time, which the person confirmed with me. It’s wonderful to sense their emotional states, what they love doing or don’t like doing.

A consultation is an opportunity for you and your animal friend to better understand each other, creating a deeper bond and a better partnership.

You will learn what your animal feels about his life and environment, his day and how he thinks. You will gain insights into his needs and his viewpoints on different questions you will be asking him through me.  

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