Photo Gallery

Yes, I got a bit carried away with our Photo Gallery. When Josh and Julie, my sweet children were small, I kept a camera in the kitchen and snapped away ... Well, actually I kept the camera in the kitchen until they left for college! Enjoy!

Cast of Characters:
Josh and Julie - the kids
Cats - Sunshine, JC (Julie's cat, Josh's cat, Jeannie's cat), Tinkerbell
Birds - Tweetie, Cheecky, Bluey, Snowy, Foohey
Rabbits - Fluffy, Wiggles
Dogs - Bonnie, Kiwi
Horse - My niece's horse, Storm and Courtney, my grand niece
Gerbil - Gerbella
And of course, last, but never least, my dear husband, Steven

Family photo - Hy, Josh, Jeannie, Steven,
Julie and Fluffy

JC (Julie's cat, Josh's cat, Jeannie's cat)

"On your mark, get set, go!"

Tink as a baby. Julie found her by a pond.

"So - whose doing the dishes, me or you?"

"Do I love this cat -
or what?"

"Ok - so how do you use this thing?"

A wonderful dog we took care of for a few weeks.

"Are there really 2 of you - or am I seeing double?"

Fluffy's 1st birthday party. "Make a wish!"

Wiggles. Who wouldn't love a face like that?

Snowy - taking a break

"Ok, so who are these people? Steven & I, 30 (don't ask) years ago. Notice Foohey, our parakeet on Steven's shoulder.

"Ok, so where's the bird?"

"I'll sing, you play"

Julie and sweet Bonnie

"I'm ready to begin the work of the day."

"Ok... where did that cat go?"

"What's JC doing in the rabbit condo ...?"

"Wake up, wake up. We want to play!"

"How do I get in there?"

"This is the most important secret I want to tell you."

"Who's cuter, Courtney or Storm?"
this caption written by Courtney's mom

"Hold on, I'll scratch that for you."

Julie and Josh with dog, Bonnie.
She lived at our house all summer.

"Can I get in there too?"

Josh and Julie - all grown up!

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